No Display Manager/Needing To Run "startx" When Upgrading From Fedora 17 to Fedora 18

I told myself I'd start dropping bits and pieces of issues I deal with here. This one's really easy. After upgrading from Fedora 17 to Fedora 18 I noticed that I wasn't booting into any display manager (my default is KDM). After a bit of poking around I noticed Fedora 18 has totally changed the method in which it manages display manager preferences. To enable your preferred display manager on Fedora 18, when upgrading from Fedora 17 (which I did without preupgrade), do:
systemctl enable <your display manager>

See? Real easy.

To Members With Hosted Projects

I would like to request that anyone with a hosted project that has not yet done so (even if I'm only hosting your site), please go and register on the forum. I may need to have a discussion with all of you soon, and it would be very convenient to do so on the forum. Please send me a PM (achtung) when you have registered, as I will be adding you to a special group.

Thanks everyone. :)

All Account Passwords Reset

Everyone with a hosting account for FreeSpaceMods, and any others, will have their account passwords reset some time today. This is not a decision by me, but a precautionary measure taken by DreamHost due to unauthorized activity on one of their databases. Due to this, I will need you to e-mail me requesting a new password for your account, please use the following instructions for doing so:

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